How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

Any form of writing should have a common structure that makes your essay flawless. For someone who wants to write or learn how to write an essay, following the general writing structure assists you to put your ideas in a logical manner.В The structure of a good essay has 5 paragraphs, giving the writer a 5 paragraph essay.

The first step in essay writing is figuring out what you want to write about. After you have the initial concept, organize your ideas well in line with the 5 paragraph essay structure.

The introduction forms the first paragraph of the essay. The main purpose of the introduction is to capture the interest of the reader and also give him/her the curiosity to read on. .To accomplish this effectively, one has to employ certain writing elements. This includes hooking the readers. The hook is the first sentence of an essay and it should have the ability to get the reader interested in the essay. Good hooks can be in the form of questions, exclamations and quotes.

In the second paragraph of a 5 paragraph essay, include the fundamental idea of the essay. Here the writer gives the central idea of what the essay is about. This gives the reader a vivid idea of what to expect in the rest of the essay. The central idea needs to be supported with evidence. This is referred to as substantiation. The second paragraph serves in concluding the introduction.

The body of the essay then follows. The body contains details of the various evidences that support claims made in the essay. Substantiation is an integral part of the 5 paragraph essay as it gives the meat or details of the story. Each paragraph of the body discusses a point on its own.

The final part of writing an essay is marked by the conclusion. This is the last part of the 5 paragraph structure. The conclusion wraps and ties all that has been written together. This part also brings some meaning to the whole essay as it is from here that the reader knows the purpose of reading the material contained in the 5 paragraphs of the essay.

Splitting the essay into 5 paragraphs helps to arrange oneвs ideas properly. It may also assist the writer in widening his scope of thinking hence, getting more material for the different sections of the essay.
All said and done, one can easily learn how to write an essay when they follow the 5 paragraph structure. All you have to do is organize your ideas properly and you will have yourself a master piece.
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